Friday, 25 September 2015


Jody and Karim and I are working together again this year for Math.  All of the Grade 7 students from the three class are with Karim and Jody and I have split the remaining students into two heterogeneous groups.

Grades Fives and Sixes
We have begun the year with a study of Data Analysis.  Hopefully you've had a chance to discuss the "Big Ideas of Data Analysis" with your child.  It is our goal to make the Big Ideas in Math explicit through the tasks we undertake and the questions we ask and consider.  Both instruction and assessment are planned by considering relevant big ideas and what they mean.

We have also begun an ongoing study of historical mathematicians.  We first met Archimedes and discovered the remarkable contributions he made that are to this day both relevant and valuable.  Ask your child why he is sometimes referred to as the "Greek Streaker"!

Grade Sevens
The students working with Karim are also studying Data Analysis.  They have been introduced to the IXL web based Math Program where students can log in on line and work on skills related to the Math curriculum.  Students will be encouraged to spend 20 minutes in the evening  examining concepts that have been introduced in class.  Students are working diligently in class and are excited about analyzing data in the real world.

All of our students are being asked to take their planners to Math to record any assignments or homework.  For those students not yet fluent with their timestables, ten to fifteen minutes of daily practice will go a long way!

A New Year

Welcome to the 2015/2016 School Year!  We are so happy to have welcomed our new students.  What a spectacular bunch we are! The year has started with a bang and we are having a great time settling into routines and getting to know each other.  Our weekly schedule is beginning to take shape with both classes coming together for Gym first thing Tuesdays and Thursdays and for the last hour of the day on Fridays.  Many of our students have signed up to become Library Monitors and are eagerly awaiting a final schedule from Cheriee.  We're thrilled that so many are willing to volunteer their time and step up in this role. Both Divisions will be meeting regularly with our Little Buddies on Friday afternoons.  The relationships are already blossoming in and out of the classrooms. There are many other Leadership opportunities available to our intermediate students and we look forward to cheering them on as they sign up for sharing morning announcements and leading weekly assemblies.  Students have received Planners and are working hard to keep them up to date and make sure that they travel daily from home to school and back again.  Your assistance in reading them over with your child is greatly appreciated!